We were known has Theskaterats before changing our name to Blavk, we are group of skateboarders and photographers, we started our journey back in 2017 with forming the crew ‘Theskaterats’ we had no objective in mind, we are a bunch of friends having fun and thought it would be cool to start a crew, we started skateboarding on the streets of Vasai, skateboarding was not a very familiar with everyone like how it is now, so we decided to have a goal to spread the culture of skateboarding by keeping workshop, classes etc. Over the years , our team got bigger and started organizing some of the biggest skateboarding events in Mumbai. We tried our best to help skateboarders in requirement of anything.

In the end of the year 2020, we decided to change our name to Blavk , after realizing that we our media team we can showcase a number of sport cultures and help the already existing community to grow.
So we started a brand known has Blavk.

Blavk is a sports brand which has a main goal is to helping the community of extreme sports and flow arts to be well known in India and also our goal with the brand Blavk is to help the artist make a living from their passion and showcase their talents everywhere.
[ via- Ryan pinto (Co Founder – Blavk) ]