The Take Off, or Pop Up, can be done in multiple ways.

• 1. Paddle until you really have caught the wave. You must paddle until you glide with the wave.

-2. Do a “Push Up”. Your toes should be tucked on the surfboard’s tail.

-3. First, slide the back foot forward on the board. Your back foot should be brought at the position of your opposite       knee, which is about 40-50 centimetres forward on your board. You can twist your body to help slide your back foot.

4. Then slide your front foot forward, it should go in between your two hands. Notice that the surfer always keeps his hands at the same position on the board when doing his pop up.

-5. Once you feel stable and comfortable, stand up. Make sure your feet are well positioned before you take your hands off the board.

– 6. Make sure you have a good stance. The distance between both your feet should be shoulder width or a bit more. Your feet arches should be directly over the surfboard’s stringer. Your front foot should have an angle of 45 degrees maximum.

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